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The hubby and I took yesterday off to finalize our refinance and just have some downtime. Ended up hiking up Bull Run Mtn. What a flippen hike that is. Way too much uphill for me. however, it was a day to remember - as we were taking a break and getting ready to head back down we spied a jogger heading our way. No biggee until we realized he was completely NUDE. Well, he had on sneakers and socks but thats all. What to do??? normally we nod and greet other hikers. This time we just buried ourselves in our packs looking for water or something. He was just in our field of vision for WAY too long : P

Long day

Sep. 21st, 2006 08:02 am
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Yesterday was not a good day. At 10am my husband called to tell me he'd been rear ended. Everyone was fine, but the car was pretty messed up. I went home and we spent the day getting estimates and trying to get ahold of someone that had the other persons insurance information. (It was a company van so we were trying to reach the manager). As of this morning we still havent heard from the insurance people. : | The estimates were pretty high and since its an old car I have a feeling they're going to total it and we're going to be screwed. There's no way we can afford a car on the blue book value. Sigh. Any good vibes available - I'll take them!
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A friend sent me the Wire episode. OH MY GOD. If I wasn't on a fitness kick as it was that would have sent me running to the closest gym. AAGGGHHH!!!!

The Wire

Sep. 14th, 2006 08:36 am
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Well it sounds like my two seconds of being an extra made it on The Wire! : D I can't wait to see it! Not enough to actually purchase HBO, so a friend is sending me a tape of it - soon I hope...


Sep. 12th, 2006 08:09 pm
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Saw this on JakeThrash's site and decided to give it a go

Meme )
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I realized that my vow renewal was only a month away and I feel completely unprepared. At least my gown fit. So *hah* to you, you macys people who tried to get me to order a dress 8 inches to large everywhere. Except for one minor alteration, all I need done is the hem.
Now I just have to figure out the cake. Flowers? No Flowers? Chocolate fondue fountain? So many choices!

Health-wise - I've been going to the gym everyday the past 9 days. I havent seen the scale move, but I do feel better. I just have to remember to avoid places like Chipotle and Five Guys like the plague for awhile!

School has started again. I have to read a ton of books on various cultures. Why, oh why do they have to be the most depressing books in the world???? The Kite Runner?? Ack. Killed me reading that.

Still not finished my novel and my deadline of October is fast approaching. All good creative vibes for finishing it are welcome!

tai chi

Jul. 4th, 2006 06:33 am
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Why is it so hard to find someone to take Tai Chi with???? Okay, I could just go take it by myself but I really need the motivation of someone else taking the class. Argh.

Jenny Craig

Jul. 1st, 2006 01:26 pm
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Well I got tired of the scale not budging and splurged on Jenny Craig. It's only $20 right now plus food. It's day two. Day one went well - I had to cheat a smidgen but still stayed under 1300 calories. The foods much better than I expected for frozen meals.

Todays a little harder. Works slow(library volunteer for four hours on Saturdays) and boredom makes me want food. Starving. I've already eaten my lunch ...not sure I'll managed. Besides we have steaks to grill and I might want that instead tonight. : ) I just dont want to have wasted the money on the food and then not stick with the program as much as possible.

Off to see The Lake House soon!
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Ugh. So after I'm called home Friday to pick up my bleeding son (broken nose) I decided my choices were getting slim. Either send him to live with someone else in a different county, move or homeschool. Looks like we're starting out with homeschooling. Of course doing that while working full time and taking my MLS courses should be darn entertaining, but I dont want him back in that school. It's not safe. It's run by gangs and joy of joys when I asked the police about a decent school he could go to - I was told out of this county. Not in the neighboring counties. great. Anyway. I'm relieved we have a decision and we can move forward now, but i'm not sure how it will all work. I really need to move. i really miss being able to have him in private school.

So I woke everyone up Saturday and told them to grab a change of clothes and we went to Rehobeth Beach. Not sure why. I've never been there. I just wanted to be by the ocean despite the freezing wind and just not be home for awhile. That was nice for a bit before we all got sick and spent a loooong drive home groaning at each other. And now its back to work. Can i complain just a bit more do you think??????

It'll all work out. I'm just a little burnt out right now.
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Dance a maypole - I may have found one of these to do. Now it's just a matter of getting to the event!

Go to Malice Domestic mystery convention in April - Done! Much fun and I was able to meet some great people!

Participate in at least one of the Make a Wish Scavenger Hunts - Glad I missed April since the young one was ill and it was pouring that day. Still planning on the Baltimore one in the Fall and now there are new Watson Adventure DC scavenger hunts! I'm hoping to go to their ghost themed one next month.

Get to 500 found letterboxes - 46 to go! - Now only 6 to go!

Letterbox in a new state - I'll have that in June and Sept with Texas/Delaware and NJ!

Vacation for at least a weekend in a new area - Texas here I come!

Either horseback ride on a beach or try falconry - again hoping to ride on the beach in Corpus Christi.

Do my 10 year vow renewal - full wedding dress/photos/etc - plans are going along slowly, but everything seems to be coming together. : ) Caterer, site, flowers are all booked. Now I need to work on fitting into that silly dress!!!

Book is coming along - chapter eight is done. Still planning to be done by Oct.

Added: Attending the citizen police academy to the year. Missed the spring sign up and there's a waiting list now. darn it. I'm hoping a neighboring county can get me!
Added: Volunteer at a library. A few more feelers out on this. I need to get that experience soon!


Apr. 20th, 2006 07:59 pm
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Fantastic day off! We ended up going out to Berryville and walking up the Appalachian Trail to Bears Den. Fantastic views and I felt I earned them after half a mile of steep climbing. Also didnt feel guilty about the completely delicious fruit tart I had later. It's a good think that bakery/deli isn't closer!

This weekend I have Malice Domestic(mystery convention) to go to and I'm really looking forward to it. I've had my registration in for about five months now and I was really bummed I missed last years. Three days of meeting mystery writers and learning about the best poisons to use, etc. Sometime in all that we're meeting with our officiant again to go over our ceremony and we're taking my mom out for a belated birthday meal. Busy busy weekend.
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So far this week has just been strange. It started out by thinking I was the victim of identity theft. I received a package from the VA tax people with someone elses info but my SSN. So I scurried around and reported it everywhere I'm meant to to cover my butt. Today I finally heard back from a human at the tax office who let me know his ssn is one number off from mine and it was an honest error. He's a legitimate business person and all was well. I'm relieved it was just that but I was shocked that the tax people TOLD ME HIS FULL SSN!! What kind of security is that?????

Very aggressively back on the weight-loss wagon again. Writing things down in my journal and trying to exercise every day whether I feel like it or not. If I could just get down ten pounds I'd be thrilled. Still would want to lose more, but thats my first baby step. : )

Taking tomorrow off for a mental health day. Steve and I will probably go hiking at Bull Run Mtn. It's two hours of uphill walking though and I might bail for something easier....

Steve and I were meant to take a pizza cooking class tomorrow, but we're out of luck on a sitter so thats cancelled. drat.

Homework is being overwhelming this week. Still writing on my book - one chapters finished every Monday. At this rate I plan to be done by my birthday. : D

This morning I received sad news from a friend that one of their brothers was killed. I hate that there's nothing I can do for them except send a card and offer help. Just feels so little in the scope of what they are dealing with. : /

sorry to end on such a low note. in a weird mood this week.


Feb. 20th, 2006 01:51 pm
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Woohooo!!! We have a person to do the ceremony. and she isnt charging anything! It's her way to advance herself in her ministry work. Added bonus is that she's a High Priestress so she knows how to do the handfasting and such and it will have more meaning than someone who's just reading the words. Cool. Love it when things just work out well.


Feb. 17th, 2006 06:46 pm
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I've officially gone insane. Ordered my dress....but there were CHOICES of color. I agonized and kept changing back and forth. They only had the all white one there....finally chose one.... after going insane about it I called on my way home to find out how to change it. What if its too late???? I can't believe how bridezilla I was about it all. Had Steve just dying laughing from my urgent dress message. It's true..i've lost it.
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After having much fun running around VA trying on wedding dresses it's time to finally order one of the things. The place I like the best is having a two day only sale and I really need to get this decision done anyway. It was a tough one. I really loved the dresses with the lace-up backs and the sparkles, but I decided on a simply embroidered one with kind of a different looking back. Of them all I think it will look the best on *me* and fit the area. I even printed out color pics of them all with color pics of the castle grounds to see which ones fit the area best. Unfortunately the very sparkly ones just didn't go well with the stone walls and gardens. I'll just have to have another occassion later on that requires something with crystal beading. :)
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Well after an exhausting time of trying to juggle everything I think I have a good grasp on my schedule now. I do my homework at lunch or at night for a bit. The wedding stuff as I get a chance - heading up there this weekend to take pictures of the site, meet the florist, check out restaurants and stuff. Also finally choosing my gown this weekend. Having a hard time with that simply because I have expensive tastes.. : P

Writing is going 'eh' on the mystery book, but I joined Sisters in Crime and then a sub-group of theirs specifically for people trying to publish. Already set up in a critique group and the first files are being tossed about today!

Also heading down to Charlottesville the weekend *after* next for a casting call! They're casting for the sequel to Bruce Almighty and need a ton of 'neighbor' types. Keep your fingers crossed for me! Still waiting to see if I was cut from the episode of The Wire. They havent started showing their Spring season yet!!
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Well it's been almost a month since I set out my goals for the year and I'm doing fairly well. Plans for the vow renewal are coming along really well. Trying not to choose what I want has been the hardest so far, but the photographers booked, the location is paid for and I have an appt to look into having a gown made for me. So many come *close* to what I want, but so far the best one has been the most expensive! of course...

For a bit I worked on the writing everyday trying to manage 1,000 words a day. That fell off sharply once school started, but now I think I'm juggling things better and can get back to it.

Weightloss - only down a couple of pounds.



Jan. 25th, 2006 07:50 am
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Apparently Oct 7th is THE day to get married in 2006. I've contacted seven ministers and they are all already booked?!?!? Now we're already married so we dont actually *need* a minster, but I do want it to be someone who can do the ceremony well. The search continues..
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Well the weekend was a whirlwind of activity. We went from having tons of plans, to no plans to tons of plans all in one hour. Just couldn't decided how we wanted to work things. Ended up Doing vow renewal type stuff on Saturday.

Drove up to Waldorf where I'd tracked down a bridal store which actually had red gowns in stock! Only a couple, but they were beautiful. is such a bold color that it really stood out and accentuated my weight. Not the look I want to go for. So I'm really glad I actually tried one on and didn't just base my decision on liking the color on me. Also tried another style that I'd really loved and found that it made me look about two feet tall. Next to my tall husband - not a good idea.

So that just leaves me now with waiting to hear from Macys on if they had the dress I was interested in sent down for me to try. and maybe one more trip to Davids Bridal. I really love the stuff at Macy's, but I really hadnt wanted to budget that much for the gown....

Then from Waldorf we stopped for food, ran a few errands and continued on towards Easton, MD which is way out on the way to Ocean City. A photographer we really liked the looks of online was based out there and I wanted to meet her and see the work in person. Looong drive with a teenager and a toddler.

Her work was nice, but I want to see someone else's for comparison before making a decision. Glad I was able to meet her so the trip was worthwhile, just exhausting. After all that Sunday we didnt want to drive so it was a nice day of letterboxing and a movie.
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Well just as I was starting to get into ways to lose weight for the vow renewal I received an email on the Discovery Body Challenge. You get a free 8 week membership at Bally and chances at winning stuff if you update your progress and stuff each week. Just what I need - outside motivation! If anyone else signs up and wants to be a team, let me know!
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