May. 1st, 2006

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Ugh. So after I'm called home Friday to pick up my bleeding son (broken nose) I decided my choices were getting slim. Either send him to live with someone else in a different county, move or homeschool. Looks like we're starting out with homeschooling. Of course doing that while working full time and taking my MLS courses should be darn entertaining, but I dont want him back in that school. It's not safe. It's run by gangs and joy of joys when I asked the police about a decent school he could go to - I was told out of this county. Not in the neighboring counties. great. Anyway. I'm relieved we have a decision and we can move forward now, but i'm not sure how it will all work. I really need to move. i really miss being able to have him in private school.

So I woke everyone up Saturday and told them to grab a change of clothes and we went to Rehobeth Beach. Not sure why. I've never been there. I just wanted to be by the ocean despite the freezing wind and just not be home for awhile. That was nice for a bit before we all got sick and spent a loooong drive home groaning at each other. And now its back to work. Can i complain just a bit more do you think??????

It'll all work out. I'm just a little burnt out right now.


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