Apr. 27th, 2006

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Dance a maypole - I may have found one of these to do. Now it's just a matter of getting to the event!

Go to Malice Domestic mystery convention in April - Done! Much fun and I was able to meet some great people!

Participate in at least one of the Make a Wish Scavenger Hunts - Glad I missed April since the young one was ill and it was pouring that day. Still planning on the Baltimore one in the Fall and now there are new Watson Adventure DC scavenger hunts! I'm hoping to go to their ghost themed one next month.

Get to 500 found letterboxes - 46 to go! - Now only 6 to go!

Letterbox in a new state - I'll have that in June and Sept with Texas/Delaware and NJ!

Vacation for at least a weekend in a new area - Texas here I come!

Either horseback ride on a beach or try falconry - again hoping to ride on the beach in Corpus Christi.

Do my 10 year vow renewal - full wedding dress/photos/etc - plans are going along slowly, but everything seems to be coming together. : ) Caterer, site, flowers are all booked. Now I need to work on fitting into that silly dress!!!

Book is coming along - chapter eight is done. Still planning to be done by Oct.

Added: Attending the citizen police academy to the year. Missed the spring sign up and there's a waiting list now. darn it. I'm hoping a neighboring county can get me!
Added: Volunteer at a library. A few more feelers out on this. I need to get that experience soon!


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