Apr. 19th, 2006

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So far this week has just been strange. It started out by thinking I was the victim of identity theft. I received a package from the VA tax people with someone elses info but my SSN. So I scurried around and reported it everywhere I'm meant to to cover my butt. Today I finally heard back from a human at the tax office who let me know his ssn is one number off from mine and it was an honest error. He's a legitimate business person and all was well. I'm relieved it was just that but I was shocked that the tax people TOLD ME HIS FULL SSN!! What kind of security is that?????

Very aggressively back on the weight-loss wagon again. Writing things down in my journal and trying to exercise every day whether I feel like it or not. If I could just get down ten pounds I'd be thrilled. Still would want to lose more, but thats my first baby step. : )

Taking tomorrow off for a mental health day. Steve and I will probably go hiking at Bull Run Mtn. It's two hours of uphill walking though and I might bail for something easier....

Steve and I were meant to take a pizza cooking class tomorrow, but we're out of luck on a sitter so thats cancelled. drat.

Homework is being overwhelming this week. Still writing on my book - one chapters finished every Monday. At this rate I plan to be done by my birthday. : D

This morning I received sad news from a friend that one of their brothers was killed. I hate that there's nothing I can do for them except send a card and offer help. Just feels so little in the scope of what they are dealing with. : /

sorry to end on such a low note. in a weird mood this week.


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