Jan. 23rd, 2006

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Well the weekend was a whirlwind of activity. We went from having tons of plans, to no plans to tons of plans all in one hour. Just couldn't decided how we wanted to work things. Ended up Doing vow renewal type stuff on Saturday.

Drove up to Waldorf where I'd tracked down a bridal store which actually had red gowns in stock! Only a couple, but they were beautiful. However...red is such a bold color that it really stood out and accentuated my weight. Not the look I want to go for. So I'm really glad I actually tried one on and didn't just base my decision on liking the color on me. Also tried another style that I'd really loved and found that it made me look about two feet tall. Next to my tall husband - not a good idea.

So that just leaves me now with waiting to hear from Macys on if they had the dress I was interested in sent down for me to try. and maybe one more trip to Davids Bridal. I really love the stuff at Macy's, but I really hadnt wanted to budget that much for the gown....

Then from Waldorf we stopped for food, ran a few errands and continued on towards Easton, MD which is way out on the way to Ocean City. A photographer we really liked the looks of online was based out there and I wanted to meet her and see the work in person. Looong drive with a teenager and a toddler.

Her work was nice, but I want to see someone else's for comparison before making a decision. Glad I was able to meet her so the trip was worthwhile, just exhausting. After all that Sunday we didnt want to drive so it was a nice day of letterboxing and a movie.


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